Polymicro Silica/Silica Low-OH 200/220um Fiber with a 240um Polyimide Buffer for Vis-NIR Transmission (380nm to 2400nm). 0.22 NA


- New Tighter Tolerances!
- Step Index
- Numerical Aperture: 0.22 0.02
- Full Acceptance Cone: 25.4 degrees
- Vis-NIR Transmission, 380nm to 2,400nm
- Superior Radiation Resistant
- High Laser Damage Threshold
- Sterilizable
- Bio-compatible Materials USP Class VI*
- High -OH Silica Core, Doped Silica Clad
- Polyimide Buffer Standard; Silicone, Acrylate, Fluoropolymer, Aluminum & dual buffers also available
- Polyimide Concentricity 3m
- Sizes for Bundling
- Tighter Tolerances Available
- Temperature: Operating 65C to +300C
- Intermittent, up to 400C
- Proof Tested to 100kpsi

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