Amphenol 905 SMA 375um Buffer Fiber Grip Connector with a Stainless Steel Ferrule and 3mm Strain Relief Boot. Replace the XXXX with the Fiber's Cladding Diameter.

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High-Power Delivery can cause many problems not found in standard fiber applications. A large amount of heat can be generated if any defects, debri or adhesive happens to get in the path of the light and this heat can cause sever damage the connector, fiber and equipment it is plugged into. To address these problems, Amphenol has developed the following options for their line of High Power 905 SMA Connectors.

Damage Resistant - The inner tip of the ferrule is recessed creating a "well" so that nothing makes direct contact with the tip of the fiber.

Fiber Grip - A fiber retention system that eliminates the need for epoxies at the fiber/connector end face. This option also allows the connector to be installed and removed any number of times for re-works and repairs.

Beryllium Copper (BrCu) - The standard ferrule is produced from high grade type 303 stainless steel but the damage resistant ferrule is also available in heat conducting BrCu to help dissipate heat at the fiber end face.

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