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Fiber Optic Center,™ Inc. is based in the restored John Harrison building on Centre Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The late 18th century character of the building was maintained inside and out as it was gracefully remodeled to be a modern and comfortable facility for employees, with amenities ranging from Fiber To The Desk to a conference room that looks out over New Bedford's Harbor, its busy fishing fleet, and beyond to the Elizabeth Islands and Martha's Vineyard. The historic district that surrounds our headquarters now encompasses the New Bedford Whaling Heritage National Historical Park.

Fiber Optic Center was founded by Neal Weiss, based originally on the purchase of the fiber optic distribution business of Boston Electronics Corporation (BEC) of Brookline, Massachusetts. (BEC continues as an importer/exporter of laser accessories.) In 1982, while Weiss was its business manager, BEC became the first sales rep firm in the world to specialize in the emerging technology of fiber optics and, later, one of the first fiber distributors. Building on BEC's strong position in the industry, Fiber Optic Center has seen a steady increase in both sales and customer base in the U.S. and internationally, and now serves customers in over 40 countries in North and South America, Europe, the Far East, Middle East and Australia.

Fiber Optic Center works closely with its customers, large and small, supporting both production and innovation in fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Center,™ Inc. views business from the customer's perspective, sensitive to the pressures of a production environment. A good supplier is one you can depend on for quality, technical support, reliability, and fast delivery of components when you need them. Many customers maintain production schedules without the carrying costs of inventory by using Fiber Optic Center as their "shelf." We do our job so you can do yours. Quality is cost effective. Re-makes, delays and failures are expensive. Fiber Optic Center stocks a range of quality components to anticipate the changing needs, as well as potential problems, that the customer (and other vendors) might overlook. We offer support and technical expertise in both the newest and existing technologies. Our aim is to make the business part easy.

Fiber Optic Center's inventory is geared to meet both an installer's "urgent need" and a large manufacturer's production requirements. We are the worldwide supplier ÅngströmLap® high performance lapping film and ÅngströmBond® adhesives and a stocking distributor of connectors, cable, patch panels, test equipment, mechanical splices, tools, glass and plastic fiber, epoxy, and other consumables.

In addition to standard products, Fiber Optic Center maintains the largest inventory in the world of custom drilled connectors for large core fibers. We are the source for harder-to-find components and systems, from non-standard connectors and connector polishing machines to complete factories for the manufacture and testing of communication grade and research optical fiber and cable.
This inside view of fiber manufacture, characterization and termination is one of the elements that makes us unique in the industry.

Fiber Optic Center works hard to be part of your success. We do business only with suppliers committed to supporting their products and the fiber professionals who use them, and we have long term relationships with these suppliers.

If the component you need exists, we can have it where you need it, when you need it; if it doesn't exist, we can usually get it for you anyway.

Fiber Optic Center is committed to providing:

  •   Only top quality products
  •   Technical expertise unparalleled in the industry
  •   Competitive prices
  •   Immediate to favorable delivery
  •   In-depth application support
  •    Timely, effective service to both small and large customer

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